West Duwamish Greenbelt Timeline


400 A.D.  Duwamish ancestors live along the Duwamish River.

1851      Denny party lands on Alki Point.

1855     Chief Seattle signs the Treaty of Point Elliott , which requires the Duwamish to relinquish land along the Duwamish River.

1890s   West Seattle Improvement Company invests in real estate on the Duwamish peninsula.

1907    West Seattle votes to join Seattle.

1910    Last Duwamish longhouse was burned down.

1911     Puget Mill Company offers right of way for Puget Boulevard.

1912    Puget Mill Company donates Puget Park to the city.

1912    Highland Park & Lake Burien Railroad begins service.

1922    Sand and gravel operations begin on Puget Ridge.

1941    Alaska Communications System establishes transmitter site on Pigeon Point.

1950s  Soundway, a highway, is proposed through the greenbelt.

1958   University of Washington acquires property on Pigeon Point.

1964    Seattle Park Board gives permission to Yates Stables to establish horseback riding facility in Puget Park.

1970    South Seattle Community College opens.

1970s   John Yates sells dumping rights in Puget Park to Ideal Cement Company (currently Lafarge).

1998     Seattle Parks and Seattle Schools acquire University of Washington property in Pigeon Point. New Cooper School is built there.

2000    rTrip forms to develop a plan for bicycle paths.

2003    Mayor Greg Nickels proposes housing in a portion of the greenbelt.

2011     City Council votes to keep the greenbelt green.

2014    West Duwamish Greenbelt Trails group forms.