Community Connections


The Duwamish Ridge to River Trail (R2R)

In 2021 Duwamish Tribal Services received a grant from the King Conservation District to determine the feasibility of a trail from the top of Puget Ridge, Pathfinder School, and South Seattle College to the Duwamish Longhouse and Duwamish Waterway at Ha-ah-poos.  The West Duwamish Greenbelt Trails group participated in the planning for and implementation of this grant.

The purpose of the grant was to assess trail routes through the Greenbelt and determine remediation options required to meet federal, state, and municipal policy and safety regulations for trail usage and develop a comprehensive trail plan for the greenbelt, addressing recreation, education, cultural exchange, environmental justice, youth employment, and forest restoration.

The study was completed in May, 2021.  A summary of the results of that study by Herrera Environmental Consultants can be found here and the full Feasibility study here.

Water Quality Monitoring

Part of the RIdge to River grant was water quality monitoring at the base of Puget Creek where it enters a culvert on Puget Way.

Heron’s Nest

We also support the work of Heron’s Nest outdoor education camp and its projected repatriation of land to the Duwamish.