Pee Wee Walk

This is a short walk which takes you from the trail-head on Highland Park Way up to the Pee Wee fields in Riverview Playfield.

  • Distance: .52 miles
  • Time: 14 minutes
  • Starting point: Highland Park Way, just up from West Marginal Way (Elevation 60 ft)
  • Ending point: Pee Wee fields at Riverview Playfield (Elevation 300 ft)

Start at the trailhead at the small parking area on Highland Park Way SW.


Head up the hill, ignoring the small side paths for now. When you get to a large intersection, where the option is to go straight (up) or to the left, take the left trail.


This trail was also a utility road at one point, so it is fairly wide and easy to travel until you get to the Pee Wee fields. You can go right around the backstop and walk through to where the snack shack is and take the access road up to 12th Ave SW.